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Educational Consultancy

“Roger Cole is both friend and mentor, practitioner and theorist; his practical common sense and visionary zeal have helped me to transform this school, his consultancy is of the very best, every school should have one!”

This unsolicited testimonial describes just one headteacher's response to my work alongside teachers and children in schools. I work throughout the country and currently have clusters of schools in different areas for example Kent, Cheshire, East Sussex, Cambridgeshire and Gloucestershire.

Most working agreements with schools are over an extended period of time and are planned in collaboration with the school to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

With my experience in teacher training I work with children giving master class lessons. Working alongside newly qualified teachers enables me to provide insights into new methodologies and their impact in the classroom. This approach can also help experienced teachers to extend their expertise and influence across the Curriculum. I aim to inspire the vision as well as generate the plan.

My series of publications has been written to help and support teachers at different stages of their development. They are as follows – all are available to purchase directly from me in the web shop:

Working from first-hand experience.

Working from first-hand experience.

Educational Books

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  1. The Creative Imperative

    The Creative Imperative

    Since its recent publication this book has been in huge demand. Read More


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  1. Images of Childhood

    Images of Childhood

    Carefully selected sequence of sayings and photographs which illuminate our understanding of the world of children. Read More


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